Russian River Local Advice Blog

Howdy all! As hosts of a vacation rental on the Russian River in Guerneville we have spent a lot of time exploring Western Sonoma County with our kids to find the best family  adventures. We want to share that local expertise more broadly but we need your help!

Let us know in the comments section which of the topics below we should write about first. Don’t see a topic you are interested in? Let us know!

Adventures for the Whole Family

  1. Six Great Fall Family Adventures on the Russian River
  2. Russian River Valley Wine Tasting by Bike Path, Take the Kids too!
  3. Relive the Lazy Life Floating the Russian River with Kids, a Complete
  4. Jenner Headlands Preserve Kids Loop
  5. Cycling around the Russian River
  6. Climbing around the Russian River
  7. Interactive Sonoma Hiking Map
  8. Sonoma Canopy Tours
  9. The Estuarian
  10. Russian River Estuary
  11. Profiles of nearby state parks
  12. How to enjoy art walk with kids
  13. Russian River Parades/Festivals


  1. Towering Redwoods & Floating the Russian River, a Perfect Family Adventure Day in Guerneville
  2. Gravenstein Apple Picking Adventure for the Whole Family
  3. Russian River Girls Getaway Weekend
  4. What to do for a day in Bodega with kids
  5. Road Trip to the Russian River
  6. Jenner Day
  7. Western Sonoma Epicurian Adventure
  8. Winery progressive bocce tournaments
  9. 2-3 day weekend in Guerneville
  10. Hikes for Toddlers
  11. Hikes for Big Kids
  12. Hikes for Adults

Local Advice for Families

  1. What’s up with the seasonal dams?
  2. Fishing with Kids on the Russian River
  3. What’s up with the Algae?
  4. What’s up with the Flooding?
  5. Kid Friendly Restaurants in Russian River area
  6. Wintertime/Rainy Days on the Russian River
  7. Coppola Pool
  8. Wildlife sightings
  9. History of Russian River Area
  10. Otter spotter
  11. Finding local childcare for Date Night
  12. Local music scene

Best of…

  1. Top 3 kid family wineries in Sonoma County
  2. Best Russian River Beaches
  3. Best Stroller hikes in Russian River area
  4. Favorite S’mores recipes
  5. Best Bread in Russian River
  6. Best Wintertime Wineries
  7. Best Vegetarian Restaurants in the Russian River


  1. 3 Summer Cocktails for the Whole Family, even the Kids
  2. Gravenstein Apple Picking Adventure for the Whole Family
  3. Fresh Dungeness Crab in Bodega, A Holiday Meal to Remember
  4. Private dining with Chef Kelly
  5. Breakfasts at Home
  6. Local Cheese & Creameries
  7. Cider and Cheese pairing
  8. Best Local Produce/Products
  9. Plan a weekend menu
  10. Feeding the whole crowd without breaking the bank

Family Travel Advice

  1. Vacation Homes are way better for Holidays
  2. 10 tips for an awesome family trip to Russian River
  3. 10 tips for visiting the beach at Russian River
  4. Splitwise to make vacation finances easy
  5. What to look for in a family vacation rental
  6. How to get the dates you want
  7. The daily travel pattern: meal-activity-meal-activity-meal-bed

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